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Quit LIke a Champion



Why??  Why do you smoke? Chew?  Dip? Or use those fancy E-cigarettes?  Do you ever really think about it?  You are addicted to the nicotine that is contained in all of these products.  The craving has been described as stronger than that for cocaine, alcohol and marijuana. No wonder it is so difficult to quit.  Do you remember thinking at one time that it would be so easy, but somehow you never got around to stopping your tobacco use.  Now it is time to do something about your addiction.  Thursday, November 19th is the Great American Smokeout - 24 hours to stop tobacco use in preparation for a lifetime free of this burden.  It is time to act like the champion you can be and give up this disease causing, addictive, and expensive habit.

Here are some tips to help you Champion through the Great American Smokeout:

  1. Make the decision to quit, pick the date and put it on the calendar
  2. Tell friends and family about your Quit Day plans.  Build your support system.  This includes asking family and friends who still smoke not to smoke around you and not to leave their cigarettes or other tobacco products where you can see them.
  3. Get rid of all the cigarettes and ashtrays in your home, car, and at work.
  4. Stock up on oral substitutes – sugarless gum, carrot sticks, hard candy, cinnamon sticks, coffee stirrers, straws, and/or toothpicks.
  5. Decide on a plan. Will you use NRT or other medicines? Will you attend a stop-smoking class? If so, sign up now.
  6. Practice saying, “No thank you, I don’t smoke.”
  7. If you are using bupropion or varenicline, take your dose each day leading up to your Quit Day.
  8. Think about your past attempts to quit. Try to figure out what worked and what didn’t.
  9. Remind yourself that there is no such thing as just one cigarette – or even just one puff.
  10. Ride out the desire to smoke. It will go away, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you can have just one.


Remember why you are doing this.For you.For the ones you love.

Call your local Tobacco Reduction Coalition at (517) 768-2131 for resource to help you

Rhonda Rudolph