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Welcome to Step by Step

Welcome to Step by Step, your source for tools and information to eat better, move morestress less, and live smoke-free.

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Fueling the Shift Worker

Has your weight soared and energy level taken a dive since you started working the night shift? Do you feel unsure of when, what and how much you should be eating? Working at night goes against the normal circadian rhythm that directs our body to...

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Nurturing Your Relationships - With Yourself and Others

Generally, I think of myself as someone kind to herself.  I am good to my body by exercising regularly and getting monthly deep tissue massages which keep me healthy enough to run competitively.  I enjoy eating healthy foods (and some not so...

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Holiday Kale Salad

If you're looking for a healthy and easy salad for the holidays or just for a winter family dinner, look no further than this kale salad. The honey-lemon dressing gives it a light, fresh taste, and the dark-green kale and red cranberries look...

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About Step by Step

Step by Step is an initiative of the HIO and aims to serve as a health and wellness resource for all who live, work, and play in Jackson County. Read more

Health Tip

Start your morning right:

Add fruit to your whole-grain cereal, top with low-fat milk and grab a bottle of vegetable juice for the road.

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What is Step by Step? Step by Step is an initiative of the Health Improvement Organization. Step by Step aims to serve as a health and wellness...

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