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Step by Step

Welcome to Step by Step

Welcome to Step by Step, your source for tools and information to eat better, move morestress less, and live smoke-free.

Our site is currently under construction. Check back on November 18 to get started by joining a challenge or browsing our blog.

Latest Updates

Healthy Meal Planning Tips

Enjoy these meal planning resources and healthy recipies from Step by Step!

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Buying and Eating Fresh and Local

There are a lot of benefits to eating food produced locally. Whether you want to help support the local economy, eat the freshest food possible, or know more about how your food was produced, there are many great ways to engage with local food...

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Hydrate for Health

Water is crucial for your health and makes up about 65% of your body weight.  Every cell in your body depends on it.  According to the Mayo Clinic, dehydration occurs when your body loses more fluids than you take in. Without enough fluids, your...

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About Step by Step

Step by Step is an initiative of the HIO and aims to serve as a health and wellness resource for all who live, work, and play in Jackson County. Read more

Health Tip

Slow down to eat less:

Eating raw or crisply steamed cooked vegetables requires more chewing, which may slow the pace of eating, helping to decrease intake at a meal.

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What is Step by Step? Step by Step is an initiative of the Health Improvement Organization. Step by Step aims to serve as a health and wellness...

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